An Introduction

I have always enjoyed writing. There is a lot to be said for the power of the written word. The decision for me to start blogging was actually very sudden. I went for a shower one day with no intention of increasing my online presence, and came out of it determined to start a blog where I was prepared to share a large proportion of my life with whoever was willing to have a read.

As a child I would often keep diaries and I found comfort in being able to express my emotions through writing. However, the pressure I felt to write every day, ruined the initial benefit I gained through this manner of self expression. Coincidently I stopped keeping diaries. This inherent need to do everything perfectly, is something that has set me back on so many occasions in my life and is something I do wish to blog about in the future.

My blog is called ‘LivingAmidTheMadness’ because I feel this accurately sums up how we often feel in our crazy fast paced society. I want to blog about how we live our lives and what we can do to take a step back and simply be. I have also struggled with Mental Illness for 8 years and I hope to draw on my experiences in order to help other people who may also be struggling.

I hope you enjoy